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  • RockLove K/DA Kai'Sa Crystal Cannon Ring


    "You want a dose of this right now it's K/DA, uh!"

    Handcrafted in durable artisan brass, the Kai'Sa Crystal Cannon Ring is plated in glowing 14k yellow gold and polished white rhodium. Inspired by Kai'Sa's shoulder cannons, the split-style ring features two vibrant teal custom cut diamond-shaped crystals. Adjustable: gently use your hands to squeeze the two halves closer or wider to perfect customize the fit.

    Nickel-free for sensitive skin; choose your size and then gently adjust to customize fit. Ring listed in US Sizes: use an international ring converter to find your best size.


    • K/DA Kai'Sa's Shoulder Cannons Featuring Two Teal Custom Cut Crystals
    • Adjustable fit
    • Artisan Brass
    • Plated in 14k Yellow Gold & Polished White Rhodium
    • Nickle-free

    Approximate Measurements:

    • Ring Sizes: US 5 - US 6 - US 7 - US 8
    • Overall Size: 24 mm x 10mm x 8 mm each cannon (overall ring width 21mm)

    The Kai'Sa's Crystal Cannon Ring arrives in a signature K/DA | RockLove Collector's Box, with a vibrant purple exterior and gold metallic silkscreened art inside and out: a compelling addition to any display case.

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