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  • RockLove Vision Ward Necklace


    Invisibility? No problem. This piece made in collaboration with RockLove Jewelry commemorates the Vision Ward - which saved countless players from ganking Evelynns, Twitches, and other invisible nuisances.

    Handcrafted in nickel-free sterling silver, the pink Vision Ward Necklace features a vibrant faceted pink crystal. The body is plated in black rhodium while the outstretched wings are in contrasting bright silver. This three-dimensional pendant hangs from a matching sterling silver adjustable curb chain.


    • Vision Ward Pendant
    • Made from Sterling Silver
    • Faceted Pink Crystal
    • Wings: Sterling Silver
    • Body: Sterling Silver Plated in Black Rhodium
    • Chain: Sterling Silver
    • Adjustable 20 to 24 inch Curb Chain
    • Signature League of Legends ? | RockLove Collector's Box

    Approximate Measurements:

    • Chain: 20.0 in / 50.8 cm + 4.0 in / 10.2 cm extender (24 in / 61.0 cm overall)

    The Ward Necklace arrives in a signature League of Legends ? | RockLove Collector's Box, with gold metallic silkscreened art inside and out; a compelling addition to any display case.

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